Is Tire Rotation Necessary?

Tire rotation is necessary to keep the tire from failing prematurely. Tires naturally breakdown in uneven patterns because of many factors, such as off-road driving, weather elements, hilly terrain, and driving habits. Scheduling regular tire rotation will help to even out the tread wear.

Tire rotation will also avoid repeated wear on the tires that are doing most of the maneuvering, stirring, and handling. The act of swapping them around give the harder working tires longer life. Vehicle performance can suffer if tires are not rotated. Passenger comfort, stability, and noise levels will get negatively impacted. Tire conditions reflect in the car's gas mileage also. Rotated tires get pressure checked and filled properly during the rotation service. Tires inflated correctly with good tread tend to increase fuel economy by allowing the engine to work at top performance instead of wasting gas to compensate for poor tire quality.

When maintenance should get performed on tires is recommended by the manufacturers. The service team here at Toyota H. Miller Toyota Peoria in Peoria, AZ can help determine if and when your vehicle is due for a tire rotation.

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