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Are you having tire problems?

Do you how to properly maintain your vehicles tires? We do. Let us help you get your tires fixed, patched, replaced and running properly. We have put together some questions you might have about your tires. If we have missed anything, please give us a call to answer your questions.

  1. How often should I replace my tires?

  2. Normally you should replace your tires when the tread get to 3/32". If your car sits in the sun for long periods of time you should look for cracking on the sidewall from sun damage. If there is cracking on the side walls you should replace your tires.

  3. How will I know if my tires need to be replaced?

  4. You will know your tires need to be replaced from a visual inspection of the tread depth. We check tire condition with every service at LHM. If your tires lose traction on braking and acceleration or cornering it is time to have your tires inspected for uneven wear and tread depth.

  5. Why does my tire pressure matter?

  6. One of the main reasons for tire wear is incorrect tire pressure. Too much pressure will wear out the center portion of the tire and low tire pressure will cause outer and inner edge wear. Low tire pressure will generate heat and heat can cause tires to fail quickly at high speeds.

  7. Stopping Distance: (I.e. With properly inflated tires, the tread contact with the pavement is maximized allowing your vehicle to stop within a shorter distance.)

    • How does it affect the ride and handling?

    • Tire pressure will change the gripping ability of the tire also. Low tire pressure will have a bigger foot print and touch more road surface but the ability of the tire to hold the wheel will be reduced. High pressure will decrease the tire surface contacting the road and reduce the grip causing skidding or control.

    • How does it affect the fuel economy?

    • The higher the pressure the more you will feel the road (rough ride) the lower the pressure the softer the ride (less road noise)

    • How does it affect treadwear?

    • Low tire pressure will reduce fuel economy.

    • How does it affect the load bearing?

    • Low pressure will reduce the load bearing ability of the tire

  8. How do I determine the appropriate tire pressure for my car?

  9. The owner's manual, glove box lid or inside the driver door area will have the tire pressure information.

  10. How often and why should I rotate my tires?

  11. Toyota recommends a tire rotation every 5 months or 5,000 miles.

  12. Should I change my tires when the seasons change?

  13. Most tires today are all season tires. There is no need to replace them for the winter or summer.
  14. What do the letters and symbols mean on the sidewall of the tire? (I.e. P205/65R16)

  15. The letters on the tire give all of the required information. The Aspect Ratio is the ratio of the sidewall height to the Section Width. The sidewall height of this tire is 60% of the Section Width, or 123 mm. The higher (bigger) the number is, the softer the ride will be.
    There is also a DOT number on the tire that will tell you when it was made. Good information to have.


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