Fuel Filter Replacement

What to Know About Fuel Filter Replacement at Larry H. Miller Toyota Peoria

What is a Fuel Filter and Does my Toyota Have One?

All modern-day cars, including new and pre-owned Toyota models near Peoria, AZ have a fuel filter which features a hose attached to a large cylinder, located near the fuel injection system. This filter keeps harmful carbon deposits and other particles which may be present in fuel from its time in service station tanks or its extraction. The fuel filter is extremely important to keeping your gasoline clean as it powers your car, truck, or SUV.

When Does the Fuel Filter Need Replacement?

A general rule is to replace the fuel filter of your Toyota once every two years or once every 30,000 miles, whichever event occurs first. This interval is especially crucial for older Toyota models as well as those which undertake more strenuous projects, such as towing. If you drive a newer Toyota model, and only use the vehicle for regular commuting, then you may be able to go for a longer period of time before requiring a new fuel filter.

What if I'm Unsure of the Last Fuel Filter Replacement? Is There a Test to See if a New Filter is Needed?

Yes! In fact, our service center technicians at Larry H. Miller Toyota Peoria can perform a pressure test to determine how much pounds per square inch (psi) the fuel filter generates. The normal number should be anywhere from 30-60 psi, but if it is lower, then fuel filter replacement is required.

What Are the Signs of a Bad Fuel Filter?

As a fuel filter deteriorates, it loses its ability to pump fuel into the engine, which leads to more instability in the vehicle. If you feel the engine sputtering or slowing down while you drive, or it makes a rougher sound when idling, it could be a clear sign of fuel filter replacement. If the vehicle does not start up with the same power it used to have, or its fuel economy suffers drastically, then these are also tell-tale signs. Finally, and most importantly, if the "Check Engine" light comes on, it is a sure sign that the fuel filter or another important system is faulty. If you see this light come on, immediate service is required as this can lead to an inability to pass state-mandated inspection.

Where Can I Go for Fuel Filter Replacement?

When your fuel filter needs replacement, schedule an appointment and come see us at Larry H. Miler Toyota Peoria. We are located at 8633 West Bell Road in Peoria, AZ.


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