How long is the typical test drive? How far do you normally go? Around the block? Do you take it on the freeway and get off two exits down the line? We’re sure you end up doing one or all of the above. But what if you want to test it out a little longer? Sometimes, you can’t get a good feel of a car until you’ve had it long enough. So, here at Larry H. Miller Toyota Peoria, you can make your test drive as long as you need it.

Rent Your Car

The Toyota Rent a Car program lets you try out your Toyota before you fully commit to it. You can take your Toyota Tacoma, 4Runner, or Camry out for a day, a weekend, or a full week. You can get a great feel of your vehicle and ensure that you’ve made the right choice. You can reserve your rental today and find the right Toyota for you and your family.

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